En online markedsplads for køb og salg af økologiske og lokale blomster

Om Blomsterbørsen og Kickstarter kampagnen:

With Blomsterbørsen, we want to connect local flower growers and buyers, and thereby disrupt the way flowers are traded today.

Imagine as a customer to have an online web-shop where you can order organic and locally grown flowers – for delivery or pick-up in all of Denmark.

Imagine as a small flower grower to have a sales channel where you can easily sell all the flowers maturing day by day in your field.

And imagine as a flower shop, to be able to fill your shop with organic and local flowers directly from the fields in your area.

We have developed Blomsterbørsen as a tool to make these dreams come true. It exists in a first online version, and we are now ready to engage all interested local flower growers and buyers in a national sustainable flower-trading network.

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About us

Blomsterbørsen is created by Vildevioler ( owned by Marie Holmer (Biologist), Christina Foss (Environmental planner) and Brigitta Stampe (IT-specialist). We have grown organic flowers in Birkerød close to Copenhagen since 2016.

In the last five years, the number of small-scale Danish organic and local growers has exploded (from 0 to >200), but the market is tough with most of the flowers ending at dinner tables still originating from industrial flower production in Africa, Central-America and the Netherlands. Competition on price is fierce and most flower shops and costumers are not used to consider sustainability when buying flowers. On the other hand, interest in organic and local flowers is growing, and in Vildevioler, we experience increased sales to both private and business costumers.

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Why Blomsterbørsen can make a difference to buyers

For private costumers, it is today possible in some areas of the country to buy organic or local flowers if you know where to look. But there is nowhere to get an overview of all the small growers or order a bouquet for delivery across the country. Blomsterbørsen can become the web-shop where private costumers can buy organic and local flowers – for nation-wide delivery or for nearby pick-up.

For flower shops and professionals, it is currently difficult or impossible to offer customers and clients organic and local flowers, since it is not possible to buy those in large quantities on the conventional markets. Blomsterbørsen can become the online marketplace where buyers can find organic and local flowers to fill their shops.

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Why Blomsterbørsen can make a difference to small flower growers

Our hands-on experience is that the flower season is very intense with new sorts of flowers maturing day by day in the field, and the exact timing depending on the weather. As a small flower grower, it can be very difficult to find costumers who are ready to buy all the flowers exactly when they are ready for harvest. With Blomsterbørsen, small growers can be connected to a big network of buyers. With a simple photo from the field, flowers can be offered to all interested buyers easily and instantly – and thereby reduce waste and increase yield.

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Foto: Gabriella Dahlman

Why we all need to act now!

With the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the new IPCC climate report, the incentives to act for a greener future have never been bigger. Carbon emissions associated with industrial cut-flower production can be as high as 3kg CO2 per flower. A large proportion of emissions are attributed to heating greenhouses with fossil fuels and long distance transport with planes.

Emissions are, however, not the only problem, with the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers polluting watersheds and poisoning pollinators. Residues of up to 10 different pesticides are found on industrial flower bouquets, in levels which can potentially harm people working with the flowers.

Foto: Gabriella Dahlman

How you can support

By supporting this campaign, you will help us:

1. Market Blomsterbørsen and engage all interested Danish flower growers and buyers in the platform

2. Refine the web-based version of Blomsterbørsen, and fundraise for further development

These steps will be taken during the winter 2021-22, so that Blomsterbørsen can be used to it´s full potential for trading organic and local flowers during the 2022 flower-season, while in parallel the platform can be further developed and refined.

Foto: Gabriella Dahlman

How will we spend the money?

The goal of this Kickstarter is 50.000.  If we reach this goal, it will allow the team of Vildevioler to use the necessary man-hours for engaging growers and buyers as well as designing the further development project and fundraising this.

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Sustainable materials

This is a technology and development project. All hardware in Vildevioler is bought second-hand, the energy we use comes from alternative sources and sustainability is incoorporated into all processes in our company. Read more on our homepage: (in Danish)

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